Blood of Sokar

by Blood of Sokar

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    releases August 25, 2017

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Mortem Ventum


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From Lighten Up Sounds:
Debut full length of monolithic funeral doom from the darkest shadows of Seattle. The mysterious duo BLOOD OF SOKAR delivers a distinct vision of terrifying sludge metal, an arcane offering of blackened cosmic dirge in it's most unsettling form. Harrowing vocal howls and caustic organ drones over atmospheric pummel and painful bruise, not for the faint of heart.

This deluxe physical edition includes the as of yet unheard track, "Mortum Ventum", filling out the previously self released digital EP to a full length session of grim seclusion. Horrifying claustrophobia manifests, a 38 minute nightmarish descent into the barren screaming void.

"...completely incomprehensible shrieks are echoing through the dark pit." - Metal Soliloquy

" overall effect of a psychotic haze where you’re both lulled into a calm trance and pushed towards a fearful, tense state, all within the course of the same song." - Transcending Obscurity

"...something that sounds like stoner doom died in a house long ago and the apparitions of its former self still toil away at windows seen from very far distances." - Tape Wyrm


releases August 25, 2017

Debut release. Written 2015-2016. Recorded 2016-2017. Original release date: 4/2/2017 Official 4 song cassette release date: August 25, 2017



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Blood of Sokar Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Cælestibus
Awoken from decades of sleep
Only my mind is conscious
Still corpse floating lifeless
Malfunctioning system
Staring through frosted glass
Stuck in this steel chamber
Frozen in time and space
Cold darkness unknown fate

Years pass... voice in my mind
Telepathic... evolution inside
I hear another... has awakened
Next to me... frightened, screaming
Try to speak... they cannot hear me
As they slip.... into insanity
Their breath... is diminishing
Death brings... their silence to me

Expanse of space, floating past me
Timeless trip, coma of infinity
Pray for death then I'll be freed
Let my thoughts roam in the deepest void

Crash land on a distant moon
Dreams of awakening from this tomb
Breath of alien atmosphere
Alone I stand in a barren land
All others charred in flames
I wander these endless planes
In search of my minds decay
Is this reality, am I awake?

Straying off course
Into a sun so bright
Accepting my end
Enveloped in light

I still lay awake
Imprisoned in my mind
Dreams of escape
End to this flight
Others have left
Let me join them
Return me to sleep
Track Name: Hallucinatus
Darkness as old
As old as time
Your thoughts are mine
Forces you to drink
There's no hope left

No time to think or escape
Prisoners of the past and the mind
Into the future he sees
He preys on them
Across time and space

You... You can't fight
No... No will to hold on
You... You can't hide
Hide... What's inside your mind

Blood flows in, your nightmares real
Secrets revealed
Your mind in his grasp
Crushing reality
Hallucinations set in
There's no coming back
Your mind folds, you fall into
The torturous abyss

Drowning in a crimson sea
It flows through your veins
Drowning in a crimson sea
It flows through your veins

Lose yourself
Enslaved in time
Reliving your
For eternity
Lose yourself
Enslaved in time
Track Name: Hecatomb
Blood grows cold
Stillness fallen snow
Forsaken world

Memories of
Our Ravaged land
Deeds of blood
Steel our pact
They shall
Never see
Their two suns rise

Not - not but death
am I -am I made

Ravens flight warnings of time
Torch glow lights fog below
Blinding red, alien moon
Beckoning, harvest of souls

Not - not but death
am I -am I made

Galaxy crossed with vengeance as fuel
Upon blades their fates do fall
Blackened blood frozen in snow
Sinister offering of souls
Never see the dawn Rise again
Cursed world becomes their grave
Cursed world...